Our Values

We believe that your money should benefit Nepalis, not some large travel company in the US or Europe. Friends in High Places is based in Kathmandu with US and UK booking agents. With minimal overhead expenses outside Nepal, most of your money goes directly to the Nepalese people - the Sherpas, cooks, inkeepers, and others who assist you, and the farmers who grow most of the food you eat.

And because we're a Nepali company, we naturally practice what has become popularized as ecotourism. This is our country, and on many trips you will pass near or through the home village of someone on your crew. We do everything possible to protect the environment and our heritage while showing you the best Nepal has to offer.

Money Karma: Our "dharma", the life-path we tread, requires us to act with honesty and compassion towards all beings. Our promise to you is a square deal and best value for your money, satisfaction guaranteed. We can do no less... Namaste!