About Remote Area Treks

Many deservedly popular trekking routes have facilities for trekkers, small lodges called teahouses because of their much humbler origins. Teahouse lodges have basic accommodations and serve meals: You can trek with just a guide and porter

That's exactly what most trekkers want. But those looking for something extraordinary can get off the major trails and explore some of Nepal untouched by trekkers (and largely untouched by the modern world). This is the real Nepal. Come

Caveat: Because these routes require a tented camp, a Sherpa crew and a staff of porters, they are expensive for two people and very expensive for the solo trekker. The best way to trek the remote area is with a few friends - two or three couples make a great group.

What a Day on a Tented Trek is LikeA knock comes on your tent pole: "Good morning Sir, good morning Madam. Bed Tea!" And with that one of your camp Sherpas sets up your tea while you rub your eyes. Drink the tea and poke your head out of your tent. We use modern, oversized dome tents so you and your tentmate will have plenty of room. Head for the toilet tent, and then to the big dining tent for a great spread at breakfast.

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