About the Langtang Region

Langtang lies north of Kathmandu and east of Ganesh Himal, and contains three major attractions: A high monastery right underneath the Langtang Massif, a lake that has been a pilgrimage site for thousands of years, and the cheerful and kind Tamang people, descended from Mongol cavalry.

The northern reaches are heavily influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and culture: The Tamang Heritage trail and Kyangjin Gompa Trek (gompa means "monastery') go up there. Farther to the south the culture is more Hindu. Gosainkund Lake is a major Hindu pilgrimage site. The lake is said to be connected to several places in the Kathmandu Valley by magical underground connections too!

And particularly on the Tamang Heritage trail, you will meet the Tamangs and their way of life in the high mountains.

Trek options include:

Langtang Region