Trekking in Nepal Since most of Nepal is rugged terrain without roads, people and goods have traveled by foot for centuries. In the last 50 years hiking and camping expeditions on using the traditional trails have become popular. While it is entirely possible to take a backpack and go trekking by oneself, this mode is usually the province of the young and highly adventurous traveler. Most people prefer the assurance and safety of having arrangements made ahead of time and a professional, English speaking guide along on trek. And this way visitors get the wonderful experience of making a Nepali friend and seeing the country through his (or her) eyes.

One way to trek is with a tented camp, where porters and pack animals bring a kitchen, dining tent, sleeping and washing tents, foam mattresses, supplies, tables & chairs, portable toilet, medical kit, and all the trekkers' equipment along. Excellent food, attentive staff, and personal service make this a first class experience from beginning to end. Indeed, this is the only way to trek in the remote areas of the country, where foreigners are uncommon and the local villages and people aren't prepared to support trekkers.

In more highly traveled areas, village inns (often called "teahouses") have sprung up to support the needs of trekkers. Along these routes food, lodging, and shops carrying such luxuries as toilet paper, chocolate bars, and beer are available. For the budget traveler, sticking to these main routes with a guide and a porter and staying in the teahouses makes for an inexpensive holiday.

High CultureThe Kathmandu valley has 888 UNESCO-classified world heritage monuments. This is more than any other country in the world, all in one small valley. Two thousand years of high culture in Kathmandu have left a profusion of exotic and exquisite art, architecture, and religious artifacts. Guided tours with professional, English speaking guides are recommended for the main attractions. For travelers interested in Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, Meditation, or Eastern medicine, Nepal is a treasure trove.

Whitewater Rafting Nepal's great altitude change makes for some of the most spectacular whitewater rafting anywhere. Top quality, modern equipment and highly experienced guides make it safe. Many travelers take a 1 or 2 day rafting trip as part of their visit. For the true rafting enthusiast, expeditions of up to 2 weeks are available. Inexpensive and a LOT of fun!

Ultra Sports Canyoning (descending through waterfalls and pools with rock-climbing gear), Hang Gliding and Ultralight Flights and Zip Lining adventures are waiting for you. You can go Mountain Biking for a day or take a long tour.

The mountains without trekkingThe Chitwan National park in the southern lowlands of Nepal offers wonderful Safari experiences and wildlife viewing. Travelers ride elephants and jeeps, canoe and walk in the park amid a dozen species of jungle beasts. Rustic but comfortable lodges built of local materials in indigenous styles enhance the experience.

The mountains without trekking For those not interested in trekking, the mountains are still readily accessible. On clear days, especially in the fall, the Himalayas are visible with just a short drive out of Kathmandu to the hills that make up the valley rim. Stay overnight for spectacular sunrise views. There is a daily mountain flight to see Everest and the other great peaks. The views from a small plane are unforgettable. This is truly a "top of the world" experience!

And Pokhara, Nepal's "second city" is ever so close to the Annapurna Massif. Even from the Lakeside tourist district, the views are awsome.

Amenities Kathmandu and Pokhara have hotels and restaurants catering to every taste and budget, from elegant to cheap. We generally use superior but modestly priced hotels for our travelers; with options for inexpensive but clean and decent places for those on a budget. Tell us what you want or give us a price point, and we will make suggestions. We generally book rooms on a B&B basis and allow travelers to sample Kathmandu's restaurants on their own for lunch and dinner. And if you like shopping for clothes, silks, spices, handicrafts, copper and brass ware and a million things more, Kathmandu is paradise. There are shops catering to every possible tourist taste and interest, and also thousand-year-old markets where westerners rarely venture.

Bhutan, India or Tibet Next door to Nepal are three other great destinations. We work with excellent staff in all three countries, and can make any arrangements for your group, hassle-free. If you are coming this far, why not see the Taj Mahal and palaces of India or the monasteries and Potala Palace in Lhasa, or wild, unspoiled Bhutan?

And yes, we do Mountain Climbing Expeditions also! Nepal Mountaineering Association certified staff and top-quality equipment mean your group will have a safe and exciting trip, with the highest probability of a successful ascent.