...an exotic, inexpensive add-on or the locus of a major journey of discovery

The Taj Mahal - Truly the most beautiful building in the world 

The Golden Triangle - The three great cities of North India: Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur plus a desert day-safari on camelback and an overnight in a beautifully recreated desert camp. 

The South - A completely different India from the tourist trail, full of friendly people, beautiful beaches, and the most amazing temples on the planet. 

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What's To Do?
Lots! India is more a continent than a country, with 10 official languages and the most varied terrain and climate of any country. For example... 

Take your time at the Taj - it's rightly judged one of the great wonders of the world. The artisans of Agra continue the tradition of spectacular stone carving and inlay work of semi-precious stones. If you wish, your guide can show you some lovely shopping opportunities. 

Visit Mandawa, an outpost on the ancient camel route from the coast to Delhi and Agra. Overnight in a beautifully done recreation of an old desert camp, with traditional mud walled buildings which have all the "mod cons" inside, and take a camel safari. 

Explore Jaipur, the fabled Pink City, home of the most famous of the Maharajas, Jai Singh. Jai Singh was the best mathematician and astronomer in the world in his time (the early 1700s), and his outdoor observatory is quite spectacular. You'll visit his palace too, and the city and it's environs. 

Wander the old quarter of Delhi, a fabulous bit of an ancient world amazingly preserved with its great Moghul fort and mosque apart from the modern city. 

Walk a deserted beach with warm surf crashing at your ankles and monkeys chattering at you from their perches in the palm trees.

Follow pilgrims through thousand-year-old temples embellished with gods and goddesses beyond your wildest imagination 

Float through India's intercoastal waterway on a houseboat.

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