The Cultural Riches of Nepal

All right, we admit it. Most people come to Nepal because of the mountains. That's a great reason. But not everyone wants to trek for weeks, and all visitors spend at least some time in the Kathmandu area.

The Kathmandu Valley is an amazingly rich treasure trove of history, art, and architecture interwoven with a complex culture. Kathmandu's uniquely favorable climate and soil fostered an early blossoming; and the heritage of those ancient cultures means there is wonderful sightseeing that is, in the words of author, renaissance man, and longtime Kathmandu resident Desmond Doig, "rich enough to consume several lifetimes."

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While Trekking... we will introduce you to some of the 40 ethnic and language groups in Nepal, with extensive time to meet them and opportunities for home stays. And your Sherpa Guides, living embodiment of the spirit of the mountains, will unfold the many legends of the Himalayas for you.

In the Jungle... you will meet the fascinating Tharu people, descended from refugees who fled the Moghul invasion of India about 800 years ago and developed a unique culture and resistance to malaria which once plagued the jungle regions.