Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

There was once a monk who lived high in the mountains. He was poor and had no possessions. He lived on berries and leaves and the sight of the mountains. His being was full of their beauty, and through them he acquired wisdom.

One day a thief came upon the monk and, seeing he was poor, apologized for the intrusion and was about to leave when the monk stopped him. "I have these clothes and you cannot go away empty handed," said the monk.

And he gave the thief his clothes.

Alone, the monk sat sipping water from an earthen cup when suddenly he saw the mountains and the sky and the beauty of his surroundings reflected in the water he was sipping. "Poor thief," said the monk to himself. "I could not give him this."

The greatest single attraction of Nepal is her beautiful mountains, and walking among them is a wonderful way to experience their majesty.

Friends in High Places - An Individualized Outfitter - What Individualized Means

Friends in High Places designs and operates individualized programs for small groups. This means that we talk with you, sometimes extensively, and make a proposal to meet your interests. We will take your party where ever you want to go, on what ever dates are most convenient for you. All first quality and inexpensive.

We are also happy to make hotel reservations, arrange transportation, and fit a jungle safari or whitewater rafting expedition into your visit. If you would like to combine a stop in Bhutan, India or Tibet with Nepal, we can do that too.

We enjoy fitting both the trek and the rest of your experience in the fabulous Kingdom of Nepal to your interests. Let us know about your hobbies and work. We can probably find some interesting tie-ins in Kathmandu or on trek.

Itineraries are always flexible. After all, it's your trek! With the fixed departure groups, you pretty much have to do exactly what's planned, at the group pace. With an individualized trek and an experienced guide, your itinerary is flexible. You can go faster and see more, or stop in a particularly pleasant place for an extra day.

Safety always comes first on trek. Although your guide is going to interpret and be your window onto this amazing place, his first duty is to keep you healthy and safe and on the right trail. Our guides are ethnic Sherpas, and their heritage is one of great service. They also very friendly people, so you will probably come away with a lifelong friend as well.

Click here to read more about Trekking Styles, teahouse and tented. Browse some sample treks below. We design each itinerary individually: Email us about your interests.