The Shangri-La Hotel

A beautiful boutique hotel, not related to the chain
US$ 200-250 - our rates to you always below tariff

The Shangri-La of legend became part of our consciousness in 1933 when James Hilton's novel was published. Frank Capra's wonderful 1937 film is still a must see. Shangri-La is a bae-yul in Tibetan, a hidden valley in the Himalayas, where strife, stress, and worldly cares dissolve. What a wonderful name for a Nepali hotel where all of this is true.

This small hotel is classy, comfortable and intimate -- five-star without the glitz. There are wonderful massages in the salon, a comfortable bar, a superior Indian restaurant, a library, and a garden designed by a master. The pool is small but beautiful, a re-imagining of the royal bath in medieval Bhaktapur. There is an all-cuisine cafe off the garden, open all day. 

And the best Vietnamese restaurant in town is just across the street.

The city center and the Thamel tourist district are a 15-minute walk or a cheap taxi ride away.