About A.D.

A.D. Sherpa is the owner of Friends in High Places, a Kathmandu Nepal Trekking Agency. He grew up in Lukla, in the Khumbu (Everest) region of Nepal. As a young man he moved to Kathmandu and became a Climbing Sherpa for mountain expeditions. Before he was 21 years old he had climbed three 8,000 meter peaks. He lives in Kathmandu now, with his adopted father, Dubby, and his middle daughter Heyshe. Eldest daughter Duksangh in studying at Knox College in Illinios, and youngest daughter Nimsangh is a fifth-grade student in New York.

 Duksangh                               Heyshe                              Nimsangh

While a Climbing Sherpa, A.D. also began taking groups trekking on a freelance basis and soon was in great demand by agencies who wanted a special guide for their most important clients. In his mid-20s, A.D. got married, gave up mountain climbing and has devoted his attention to his family and Friends in High Places.

A.D. still leads treks occasionally but spends most of his time developing and training his staff of guides, Sherpas, and cooks to offer the very best in safety and personal service. He spent the summer of 1996 in the US on business, and he and his wife were sightseeing on the World Trade Center observation deck on September 10, 2001. He returned to the US in 2003 and 2006, undaunted.